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MUTLUHAN DEMIRCI - 6 maanden geleden
Hello ... even though I know a little Dutch they took good care of me .. my Truck was out of light and the guys fixed it immediately .. Thanks a lot DAF
Asim Ulvan - 9 maanden geleden
In short, we bring our Fiat vehicle to a Peugeot Garage in Zonhoven to receive a decent service. - Without any analysis, a complete replacement of parts, engine is charged - You have to pay this in advance and after receiving the amount (3 to 5 days) they will order the parts and wait until they arrive (if correct) and your vehicle will be repaired Briefly summarized what we have experienced - Wait 4 months for your vehicle (without replacement car, because it is never available). So if you have an accident you have to pay everything before they start or you have to wait for the insurance to pay the amount and only then they start working - We had to book 3 x appointments for the replacement of the windscreen, hand in the commercial vehicle, but 3 times we received various apologies and in the end the vehicle had to be entered the 4th time for the replacement of the windscreen. - The vehicle is registered incorrectly at the time of purchase (3 seats instead of 5 seats). We all had to do the necessary to get it in order while it was a lease car - Bring back at least 2 times after full maintenance :) - After improper refueling, a cutlery of 8300 euros was made for repair work, under which simply all material was included in the cutlery. But we have our Fiat vehicle repaired for ? 600 euros at Peugeot Zonhoven :) Weird, but true There is still a lot to tell, but when you bring in your vehicle you will experience it for yourself.
Vlada Milovanovic - een jaar geleden
Perfect service
Johny Daens - 2 jaren geleden
Super service
Dave Polywka - 2 jaren geleden
Super service ??
Jan Zlocki - een maand geleden
Uitstekend service
Ismail Hasanov - een maand geleden
Haci Saglam - 10 maanden geleden

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